Saturday, November 20, 2021

Saturday Roundup


My goodness the end of my blogging week and getting closer and closer to the Christmas season.

Late last night I finished the knitted blanket for Kurt's friend.

It turned out fairly large and looks nice and lacy. Tomorrow when I mend my winter coat I will work the yarn ends in.

Oven mitts were cut out this morning and the early afternoon. Hopefully they will be well on their way to being finished tomorrow. Also got Kris's knitted blanket started. I will work on that in the evenings and during the day get other projects completed (keeping my fingers crossed).

It has been decided that we will have a get together for Bible study leaders on December 2 at 6 pm. A free meal will be brought in and a discussion held as to when the next study will be held and what it will feature.

Other than those things the days of this week were very normal here on the old homestead. Bread baking, cleaning, reading and walking took place with great regularity.

Life, while getting busy, has not been too exciting.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. You do an amazing amount! the fact that Christmas will have already happened by five weeks today really does concentrate the mind (and those crafty fingers) doesn't it!

  2. Lovely color and pattern for the blanket.

  3. The blanket looks so good. I would love to see the oven mitts when you’re done with isn’t exciting here either, but I do like that. I hope you have a great Sunday.

  4. What a gorgeous blanket - I love the pattern!

    Have a good weekend.

  5. The red blanket is really lovely. Well done.

  6. I like an un-exciting life. Your blanket is so pretty and I'm sure it will be loved. I have no clue how you made it so fast!!