Thursday, November 11, 2021

Thursday Tidbits

 I think winter has arrived. The snow has been falling for most of the day, and at one point visibility was pretty much nil.

As you can see from my front deck you can barely see down the hill. Not so much from the snow, but from the wind driving the snow.

Harvey decided he needed to go find another short axe handle today... Well he soon discovered that the roads are a bit icy when merging onto another road he had a bit of a fishtail going on. He said it surprised him.

He also brought me home a gift. A small box of Toffifee chocolates... I asked him why as there is no birthday, anniversary or any other special day happening. I got told "Because you have been a good girl." Huh, I really needed an explanation. The one I ended up getting was that I had been making lots of meals. Hmmm, something I have done for the past almost 46 years. Oh well, better late than never I guess.

Soups been made the past two days.

Vegetable Beef yesterday.

Turkey Rice today.

So lots of meals now reside in the freezer. Think we are good for soup for at least the next couple of months.

Now I will go and enjoy a glass of wine, sitting in front of the fake fireplace.

Continue my knitting and wish that the fireplace was actually real. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Brrr, that looks cold! Wind and snow is never a good combination. Your soups sure do sound good. I love homemade soup in cold weather. How sweet that Harvey brought you a surprise!

  2. Snow! How neat! Soup weather it is, yours look so good. We had soup several days this week.

  3. I would like to suggest that maybe you could just keep that snow out there but I don't suppose you want it either!
    As for the gift from your DH - perhaps he felt sorry because you've been dealing with a bad back, but I suspect it's because he loves you. Enjoy your treat!

  4. Snowy weather and a big pot of soup just go together so well, don't they? There's nothing I like more than to watch the snow fall, knowing I have a warm pot of soup and something freshly baked in the kitchen. :)

  5. Your fireplace looks so cosy even if not real and no cleaning of ash! looks cold outside. Sit and enjoy your treat Jackie x

  6. I think you are correct and winter is here in earnest. Will it melt before Christmas? I'd like to think so but won't be holding my breath.

    I made up a very small batch of taco soup yesterday using leftover taco meat and corn, added in onion and red pepper, some additional taco seasoning and chili powder. I would have put in beans too but the batch was so small it would have been mostly beans. Next time!

    It was lovely of Harvey to bring you a surprise. Perhaps he'll do it more frequently. :)

  7. Men are so funny sometimes. I know my husband loves my cooking, he is so grateful for anything I cook and I think that is so funny.

  8. That room looks so cozy. The soups are making me hungry. It looks so good! I need to make a list of soups to prepare. Hope you both stay safe & warm.