Monday, November 1, 2021

Menu Monday and Update on Goals for October


It's a brand new month and today we have had lovely lazy snow flakes off and on all day. We also had 9 children last night for Trick or Treat, 3 of the children I expected did not show up. Kind of sad about that.

So here is the menu for this upcoming week.


Butternut Squash soup and tuna melts.


Lazy Cabbage rolls. I plan on making a few trays for the freezer so may as well make one extra to have for supper.


Clean out the fridge. Should be lots to choose from. I will make a salad as well.


Leftover Turkey made into a kind of pot pie. Leftover salad.


Tuna casserole and any leftover salad or C will make Brussels sprouts.


I plan on making a big pot of chili so hopefully there will not only be leftovers for another meal, but enough to freeze as well.


I think perhaps we should go out for supper, date night. I will pick a place that shouldn't be too crowded.

So there is our menu for the week. 

Now on to how I did on the goals for this past month.

1.  Work on t-shirt rug.  I have worked a bit on this.

2.  Make Christmas cards.  Done.

3.  Cut out pieces for Kurt's Christmas quilt.  Done.

4.  Finish my quilt.  I don't think this will happen but I have worked on hand quilting this month.

5.  Finish Kurt's quilt.  Done

6.  Knit 2 Secret Santa Scarves.  Finished and actually have knit 4

and working on number 5.

7.  Finish off harvesting the garden and cleaning off the deck.  Done.

8.  Remove spring/summer clothes and put in the fall/winter clothes.  Done.

9.  Repot lemon trees.  Done.

10. Cut more strips from cut up old t-shirts and leftover scraps of knit fabric.  Done.

And if there is time

11. Work on counted cross stitch.  Nope.

12. Make dryer balls.  Tried but used a pretreated wool yarn so things did not work. I will perhaps order the correct yarn online later this month.

So not to bad for the month. But now it is crunch time and I need to get my butt in gear. Don't ask me why Blogger highlighted everything. Hope the colours don't bother people too much.

Will be posting this months goals on Wednesday.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. I'm struggling with the cooking thing these days, not sure why. Nothing sounds good so we end up with sandwiches or like last night, I ran out to BK for burgers. Not the healthiest. There are pork chops defrosting in the fridge for tonight - I won't let them go to waste.

    Your list of accomplishments is amazing to me. I'm happy that I've finished a few scarves.

    Take care, stay well.

  2. You had lots of progress! Nice work. I need to set my November goals as well.

  3. I simply can't imagine how you can knit so many scarves so quickly!! I would be months even doing one.
    Sounds like it will be a good week for eats at your house.