Sunday, November 28, 2021

Sunday Ramblings

 Just a quick post as I am nursing a sore neck. I must have slept wrong last night and now am suffering for that. 

Harvey is watching his beloved Saskatchewan Roughriders play. Hopefully the pull off a win. 

I have made my goal/project list for next month, my extra cleaning list and my monthly menu. All the little household tasks were completed albeit a bit slower than usual. I even managed to get my Christmas ornaments done and a bit of knitting. 

Sewing on the other hand will need to wait until my neck is not so stiff and sore.

In other words just a very quiet and laid back day.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. It sounds like you are making good progress. I sure hope your neck feels better soon!

  2. Look after yourself. You seem to be having a rough time.

  3. I'm not certain either team deserved the win, but hooray the Riders won! They'll have to play much better next week against the Bombers.

    I use Robaxcet when I get a neck ache like that. I believe it is a muscle relaxant and it helps relieve the pain. Hope you are feeling better today.

  4. Sorry about the bad neck .. amazing how the wrong move affects one as we age.

  5. So sorry about your sore neck - doesn't make doing anything very comfortable I know. Take it easy and don't push yourself.