Saturday, November 13, 2021

Once Again Playing Catch Up

Hello everyone. I tried to catch up with my blog reading this morning, but have a feeling I will have more to do this evening.

Harvey did not get to Regina today. We had freezing rain overnight, and our small area of the province had highways that turned into skating rinks until around 12:30 pm when they were finally reopened for travel and just because they were opened it does not necessarily mean they are decent driving. So he had to call Kris and let him know he would not be there for the football game. He was a bit bummed about it as he was really looking forward to having some bonding time with Kris. Might have to set something up with Kris for another time...Going fishing perhaps?

Any how because Harvey was a bit down I made him some pumpkin pies.

Made whipped cream as well. It seemed to cheer him up a small bit.

Now on to the catching up portion of this post.

I hope I have 5 frugal things this week.

1.  Put $60.00 in my savings envelope.

2.  Still doing very well on using things up and having as little waste as is possible.

3.  Drapes open on the sunny days, today they are closed to hold in the heat.

4.  Got all my shopping done in one trip. Well almost all. I did not go to the bulk food store as the roads were pretty icy yesterday and the sooner I was off the roads the better I would like it. Got all groceries except for my cereal and some small sausages. Those seemed to be missing from the freezers and the shelves, first time I have seen empty shelves.

5.  Using my fill it up yourself K-cup a bit more. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Drat the weather, how disappointing for him. But sweet you made him a pie!

  2. I'm sorry Harvey and Kris could not get together but icy roads can really be dangerous. I know he enjoyed your pumpkin pie!

  3. It's a shame Harvey wasn't able to make it to the game. I'm sure he watched it, but spending the time with Kris would have been special. Perhaps they go can ice-fishing? Is that a thing in your area? I remember going out on the ice years and years ago, and quite enjoyed it as it was cold but sunny day.

    The pies look delicious and whipped cream too!

  4. Oh, it’s too bad he missed the football game. Better to be safe though. The pies look delicious! I am thinking about making some homemade ones for Thanksgiving. Time will tell. I hope you have a wonderful Sunday.

  5. I'm sorry Harvey missed the game and, more importantly, the time with Kris. Your pumpkin pies look delicious.

  6. Those pies look so good. I've gotten lazy and started buying Costco pumpkin pies a few years ago. Around here, they won't be available until two weeks before Christmas so I'm thinking I'll have to break down and bake some. It's been a long time. I'm looking forward to it. :-)

  7. What a pity Harvey couldn't make the football game. I'm sure your pumpkin pies cheered him up though.