Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Mid Week Check In

I missed my post yesterday, time just got away from me. Don't ask me how cause I have no earthly idea. However, some of the problem could be rooted in the fact that the last two nights I have been unable to get comfortable in bed. This would happen because of aching hips. I would find what I thought was a comfortable position, and then in 15 minutes need to shift as I would start to ache. Oh my, I do hope tonight is better.

I managed to get Harvey and I appointments for our booster shots. We get them Dec. 7th so will be great for Christmas visiting. Now if the anti-vaxxers in the family would get done, I would feel even safer.

We got snow overnight and colder temperatures (could that be why I was so achy????) and we had the appointment to get our regular tires taken off and the snow tires put on. Another get ready for the winter chore ticked off the list.

Been busy sewing this week. Three pairs of oven mitts for the men in my family, and Harvey now has a gardening apron.

Got some fabric used up and managed to use up some bought binding as well.

This is the first strip in Kris's knitted blanket.

You can barely make out the cat in the center. It does show up better in real life. I plan on doing three strips of black and two of white. I picked those colours because his cat Eiko is black and white. 

Then even though I probably will not get a chance to work on the t-shirt rug I did do some work. I got the larger strips cut up into 4 so I can get moving on that right away once a few more projects are completed.

Tomorrow since my day will be cut by the last Bible study, and Zoom dance in the evening I plan on getting my Christmas cards started. Perhaps even get a couple of letters done to go in at least two of them. I may even find a bit of time to cut out a pair of sleep pants for Harvey to replace the ones I cut into rags.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Happy thanksgiving, Jackie. I love the oven mitts and apron, they look so good. I hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. Busy week! I'm sure Eiko will be happy to fur up the new knitted blanket. It's a rule around here that anything new must be slept on. :)

    It looks like the warmer temperatures will be here through the weekend. Enjoy!

  3. Love the oven mitts and apron! The cat in the blanket is very cool .. maybe one day when I am older, I will learn to knit. :)

  4. It's nice to see someone getting projects done.

  5. Nothing's worse than feeling achy when you're trying to sleep. Hopefully that's gotten better for you. Must be something about sleep pants because I just finished four pairs.