Sunday, November 14, 2021

Sunday Ramblings


Overall it has been a quiet week. Things are getting cleaned after a long period of time when I was unable to do them. Boy were my closet doors dusty!!!! The only fall cleaning I have left is all the light fixtures and I am happy that I won't just be wiping them off this time (and trying to vacuum the insides). Of course I will need Harvey to take them down for me. The only ones I won't do are the ones we replaced a couple of months ago. I can do them in the spring.

I am very happy with how my only every two weeks shopping is going. This week however, I forgot to buy soft Becal so will be using something else less healthy for just over a week probably.

This weekend a group of anti-maskers, anti-vaccine people set up a rally in a small city in my province. It really was not well attended, but that did not stop a few groups from going to stores and eating establishments in that city and in the capital city, just down the road. 

Seems that these people, who at one point said they were doing what they do so that small businesses would not be shut down, are in fact trying to do just that to those places that would not let them enter without a mask or sit in and eat without showing they had the vaccine. These people (and I use the term loosely) are now asking their followers to put up fake reviews on how terrible the service was, how the food was no good and various other nasty things on the various Facebook pages.  

Many of these same people quote the Bible and stress that they are Christian..... Somehow I don't think that Christ would be doing what they are doing.

I just don't understand people that can be so mean and just plain nasty. Hopefully those that agree with me rally behind these stores. I know that my son already phoned one and told them that he and many others support them and will be sure to visit their establishment when he is in that city. He also contacted his friends who live in the capital and they are going as a group to show support. Pretty sure we will make sure and support them as well the next time we are there. 

I put Windows 11 on my computer and now I wish I hadn't. Since I upgraded I have had nothing but trouble. My laptop freezes, I don't get the temperature for my city here in Canada (I get the temperature of cities in the United States) and my computer seems to be always thinking. It is not getting installed on my desktop that's for sure, or Harvey's laptop. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. What a horrible thing for these anti vaxers to be doing, and to call themselves Christian is a total mockery. We should be (and ARE) supporting local businesses here. Wearing a mask in a cafe until seated takes no great effort yet shows consideration for others. How some people take great pleasure in making false and horrible comments on social media is beyond me.
    Stay safe Jackie x

  2. Seeing what these anti-maskers are doing makes me so upset. We've done everything we can to stay safe and keep our daughter safe (she's 7; she got her first vaccine already and I actually cried with relief), and to see these people out there mocking the rules and treating others terribly as they do so is both infuriating and heartbreaking. I just don't understand that mentality.

    Stay safe, and I wish you a wonderful week. :)

  3. That is just terrible to do to people who have already been struggling through this mess. What will people think of next to be cruel. Actually I don't want to know. But you are wonderful and we all just have to try and be a little better and little kinder to try and offset the nonsense.

  4. I wonder what those anti-vac people would do if they were all put into a room in close quarters with one another and left there for a day or two. When I read about them disrupting the Remembrance Day services I was totally incensed.
    I haven't done anything about Windows 11 on my computer but I'm finding it's freezing up off and on anyway, so perhaps it's not 11 that's causing it. Frustrating anyway!