Friday, November 26, 2021

Frugal Friday

I am taking a break from knitting as my thumb joint on my hand where I broke my wrist (twice in the same place) is giving me grief. I have put on my stretchy fingerless glove and hopefully that helps. I need to keep right on working in order to get all done for Christmas.

However this post is about my frugal week, so I better get started.

1.  Baked two loaves of bread this week.

2.  Drapes open to let in the sunlight during the day and use solar heat in the house. Closed in the early evening to keep heat in.

3.  Using an old flannel sheet that does not work on our bed any longer (why do things seem to shrink?) to make Hubby a pair of sleep pants. There could be enough left to fashion me a nightie.

4.  Lots of use it ups in the food department, and the items that were not used up have been bagged or put into containers for use later.

5.  I managed (or will manage) two meatless meals this week.

6.  Used up fabric from the stash and fashioned three Christmas gifts.

7.  Used up a small hand lotion and am working on the next one. My hands really dry out when knitting.

8.  Downloaded free reading material onto my ereader, and a couple that were on deep discount. I used my gift card from last Christmas to purchase those.

I told Harvey I probably spent a bit more on groceries this month, but still hopefully am under budget. That I will find out on Tuesday. However, Harvey says when he looks at the grocery fliers he is almost sick at how prices have risen. Still by only shopping every two weeks what I can't save on groceries I definitely save on fuel for the vehicle.

I have also taken to using the phone to check on contracts to see if there is any way that I can renew or cancel online. Seems to be working.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. I know how Harvey feels. Everything seems to have gone up by a dollar. I'm a sale shopper and will make do with something else if I can rather that buy stuff at the ridiculous prices. I'm already over budget for this years groceries...guess I'll have to refigure the budget to reduce other areas.

    Enjoy this weekend - it is supposed to be quite warm.

  2. I love that you made sleep pants out of the sheet. That is such a great way to reuse something. I took a flannel sheet one time and made a bunch of hankies out of it. They are much softer on the nose than tissues. Sounds like a great week for you. 😀

  3. Prices here in Uk are rising steadily, and we have been warned that bread will go up by at least 10%. It's worrying.

  4. Smart to use the sheet for PJ bums and a nightie .. I wish I had seen this post before I sent mine to Value Village. Although I am sure good use will come of it there as well.

  5. Grocery prices are climbing here too - seems to be common all over the world. Makes me wonder if they will ever go down again or will they stay at that rate (or even higher). Scary to contemplate because we all know our limited seniors income doesn't rise to keep pace.
    Wish I had some sheets we don't use because I'd be turning them into sleep pants too!