Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Thrifty Tuesday

 The wind has been howling all day. My head is splitting as is usual when there is a drastic change in pressure. I have taken some tablets and drank lots of water throughout the day. Hopefully relief will be coming soon.

Most of my thrifty moves this week have been using up all leftovers in the next couple of days meals. Keeping the fridge cleaned out is a wonderful plan. One that I take into account when I make my menu plan for the month.

I also fixed a hem and some side seams in a skirt that was a bit large for me. 

Harvey found his  favourite toque and it had a small hole so I darned that up so he could get at least another years use out of it. 

Still working on the knitted blanket. I am so looking forward to getting that finished so I can move on to other gifts. However using up yarn is always a thrifty thing in this house.

I picked up some fabric to repair my knitting basket. This basket I inherited when Mom passed. I can remember it sitting beside her chair and now sits beside mine.  Other than the sleeves that slip over the wooden bars and the inside pocket the basket is in really good shape. I hope to get at this one day very soon.

Hopefully once the wind goes down I can go out and pick up the twigs and broken branches that now litter our yard. These make great small twigs to start our fire pit with and saves us purchasing fire starters.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. How special that knitting basket must be. I have my moms sewing machine and her crochet needles - I actually have a lot of her sewing stuff that I am looking forward to doing once my eyes settle down and of course after that rotator cuff surgery coming up. I love that I have many of my mom and dad's things. Way better than new stuff that has no sentimental value at all and mostly is just plastic and cheap.

  2. I haven't really repaired anything for a few years but do sew hems being only 5 ft so skirts are always too long.

  3. It's been ugly here since early afternoon, with the wind howling and the snow blowing. Most of the highways around the city have been closed. My brother and his wife had to stay in the city overnight as they couldn't get home. Their son and daughter have a place here as they are going to university so they're with them.

    Hope the headache is gone and for better weather tomorrow.

  4. We have been seeing news of the storms battering Canada recently. Hope you will stay safe.

  5. I have a mushroom darner from my mum's sewing basket and I always think of her when I use it.

  6. Sorry about your headache, I hope you get some releif soon.

  7. Hopefully your headache is gone now. It's been cool here and rainy off and on. So far there's only been a small skiff of snow once and it didn't last long. Long enough to suit me though!